Tug Toy / Tug Lead

The Tug Toy/ Tug Lead is an original design of Hilbert Durable Dog Products. The Tug Lead acts as both a tug toy and a dog lead.

A selection of our Hilbert Tug Leads

Our Standard Tug is $10.00  dell-add

  • Shipping: spend $0-$29.00 = $5.00 for 2-3 day domestic Express shipping
  • Shipping: spend $30-$99.00 = $12.00 for 2-3 day domestic Express shipping
  • FREE domestic SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Custom Tugs Start at $15.00  Contact Us for Custom Orders

**NOTE: The standard tug lead is designed with loops to fit dogs about the size of Nina above in the video. Our Large size is made with larger head loops for medium-large to large dogs. If you are unsure which to purchase, send us an email and we’ll match our loops to your dog’s dimensions.

*When it comes to our tug toys and tug leads, we like to keep things simple. When we say ‘standard’ what that means is when you order, we’ll send you what we have on hand. Because we use recycled rope, our color options are constantly changing. If you’d like to choose a specific color or arrange for a custom tug, please contact us to place a custom order.


2 thoughts on “Tug Toy / Tug Lead

  1. I just received my first Hilbert Tug Lead and it’s been fantastic! It has a really cool, modern design that I haven’t seen in other dog toys. All other rope toys I’ve seen are easily destroyed, but these products are truly durable!

    Thanks for the awesome product Brad, keep up the great work!


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