Spring Poles

Hilbert Spring Poles & Spring Pole Setups


Hilbert Spring Poles come in 2 forms: A Conditioning pole and a Strength pole

The Conditioning Spring: The conditioning Spring Pole has a long range of motion, giving less resistance to allow your dog a total body workout for much longer duration.

The Strength Spring: The Hilbert Strength Spring Pole has a short range of motion aimed at the kind of high-intensity and short duration work out your dog needs to develop maximum power.

Both are heavy-duty, durable, long-lasting, and covered by our hardware guarantee – if your hardware breaks due to normal use, we’ll replace it. Our Hilbert Spring Poles are the first and last you’ll ever need to buy!

We also offer a Spring Pole Conditioning Package that includes a Conditioning Spring AND a Strength Spring

Scroll down to view video demos for Hilbert Spring Pole set up, use, and progressive training. Also see our Hilbert Blog for more!

Purchase Hilbert Spring Poles

Hilbert Conditioning Spring Pole  $50.00  dell-add

Hilbert Strength Spring Pole  $60.00  dell-add

Hilbert Spring Pole Package  $100.00  dell-add

Hilbert Multidog Spring Pole Setup Contact Us for Custom Orders

Hilbert Custom Spring Pole Setup Contact Us for Custom Orders

  • Shipping is $12.00 for 2-3 day domestic Express shipping
  • FREE domestic SHIPPING on orders over $100!




Requisite Disclaimer: Our Hilbert Durable Dog Products Spring Poles are designed as tools to be used for conditioning, strengthening, and exercise. They are designed with your dog’s health and safety in mind. Our dynamic climbing rope gives up to 30% to ensure the dog’s mouth and body are not injured. The poles are designed, as our videos demonstrate, to hang near the ground to ensure the dog’s safety. These poles are not intended for extremely high jumping or for a dog to hang completely off the ground. Our poles can be used for things like high jumping and hanging  – at your own risk and discretion –  but if you would like to use the pole for these, we recommend you contact us for specialized hardware and instructions.



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