About Our Products

Hilbert leads, tugs, and spring poles are handcrafted from recycled high-quality climbing rope. Each product is uniquely designed, with the athletic working dog in mind, to be strong, durable, and versatile


Our goal: Our goal at Hilbert Durable Dog Products is to provide a strong, sustainable, durable product customized to fit the needs of working dogs and working owners.

Our materials: We use only the best of materials. Unlike other rope-based dog products, our tugs, leads, and spring poles are made from high-quality professional-grade dynamic climbing rope, recycled from professional climbers and climbing gyms. These ropes, designed to withstand 5,000 pounds of force and to stretch up to 30%, give our products flexible control without harming your dog. Whereas static rope products can cause harsh pulling or sharp snaps, ours are designed to avoid this. Our hardware is a combination of climbing hardware and industrial-grade springs and clips.

Our designs: Our braided designs allow for ultimate strength and flexibility. This is what sets our product above the others: our braid + clip design allows you to bend, lengthen, shorten, and/or produce loops making a single lead into a multi-use tool for both training and everyday use. Our knots are self-tightening mountaineering knots that are designed to keep tightening as they are pulled. Using them makes them stronger, not weaker. See our product pages and our blog for video demos illustrating the many configurations you can make with a single lead. All designs are original and copyrighted by Hilbert Durable Dog Products.

Our pay model: We want to make the purchasing process as seamless as possible. For this reason, the price you see beneath the products is the full and final price you pay; tax and shipping are included in the price.

Our guarantee: We use industrial-grade hardware that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Should one of your pieces of hardware break over the course of general daily use, we will honor our commitment to quality and replace it. We use high quality professional rock climbing ropes, like those listed here, that though recycled and already used by climbers, will have a lifetime of at least 1o years – if not 20 or 30 years – when properly cared for.

Here are the guts (or the kern) of our climbing ropes. Each has up to 32 core fibers ensuring long-lasting strength and durability.

Hilbert Durable Dog Products: Our Ropes

Hilbert Durable Dog Products: Our Ropes


Requisite Disclaimer: As all dog toys rightfully disclaim, the very strongest of chewers, our pit bull terrier pup Nina among them, if motivated and left unsurpervised long enough to do so, could eventually fray an exposed tug end or chew through the toy. We advise you to supervise your strongest chewers and if they begin fraying or chewing through the toy, we advise you to use the tug as an interactive toy that you use WITH your dog. See our tug videos for examples of human+dog games and sports activities that we use regularly with our strong-chewing pup.



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