Praise from recent customers

“Thank you Brad Hilbert for your amazing product, I just woke up to it this morning. The customisation addition was a welcomed and amazing twist. I am so excited 2 show these off at the dog park today….amazing experience over all… Happy holidays man!!!!!” Wallace Coar Live, December 2014

“Got my 30ft recall lead and tug toy today. I ordered on Sunday and got it today. These things are badass. Thanks Brad!” David Hellboyz, December 16, 2014

“I’ve had a lot of leads over the years. But never one as nice as the ones Brad makes. High quality, very strong and cool looking as he’ll. I ordered yesterday and got it today. Can’t wait for the spring pole setups to get here. Thanks Brad & co.” David Hellboyz, October 29, 2014

“I just received my first Hilbert Tug Lead and it’s been fantastic! It has a really cool, modern design that I haven’t seen in other dog toys. All other rope toys I’ve seen are easily destroyed, but these products are truly durable! Thanks for the awesome product Brad, keep up the great work!” Zach U., October 27, 2014

“Brad Hilbert thanks so much for the awesome TUG. I LOVE that it’s made from recycled mountain climbing rope!! That’s good stuff!! Keep it Up!!”
-Shane Kirby of Stillwater Kennel Supply, September 27, 2014


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