Our Hilbert Leads allow for full control with endless versatility. See our video below for the many ways the leads can be used (we’ve counted at least 20 configurations):

Looking for ADBA Regulation 4ft Show Leads? See our Hilbert Show Leads page.



Standard Lead* $30.00   dell-add

  • Shipping is $12.00 for 2-3 day domestic Express shipping
  • FREE domestic SHIPPING on orders over $100!

Note: Each Standard Lead comes with one industrial-grade bull snap braided into the lead. The extra climbing carabiner you see on some of our leads is not included in this price. Contact us for pricing if you’d like to add the extra carabiner.

Custom Leads start at $40.00   Contact Us for Custom Orders


*We like to keep things simple here on our website. Our Standard Lead is the one you see above in the video. If you’d like one of our colored ropes, a multi-dog lead, a fully-braided lead, and/or a custom design of any type, please contact us for a custom order. Keep in mind that because we use recycled rope, our color options are constantly changing. We are more than happy to make you happy!


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